IELTS Task 2 Writing Samples

IELTS task 2 writing samplesThe IELTS task 2 writing samples are found under both general training and academic writing tasks in Singapore. They are essays meant to respond to views or arguments raised in the question.

Below is typical sample writing under the general training category?

IELTS Task 2 Writing Samples Question and Model Answer:

The question here is an argument; students are required to present their individual opinions whether children should be trained at home or within the school environment.

The advantages of the two options would be discussed while the student chose the better of the two.

Model Answer:

A lot has been said already about whether children from Singapore should be trained at home or within a school environment. While the school can boast of better equipment and staff to handle the students, the home offers a better protection, and gives rooms for more closeness within the family. The child will also enjoy better attention from teachers who does not need to cater for many students.

The home schooling provides a better opportunity for learning for the child. Children will be able to spend more time with their parents who will in turn be able to monitor their activities thereby reducing the rate of juvenile delinquency that is rampart in the society today.

The opportunity of learning individually will help the child to learn better because the teachings will be conducted at his pace, and customized to suit the environment and the need of the child.

On the other hand learning in school will help a child to grow up in a normal society comprising of people from different background, family, and characters, they will learn easily how to behave among their peers, thereby quickly adjusting to a normal way of life.

The school will also provide proper learning facilities like library, sporting and recreating centers, with specialized teachers.

Hence the advantages of learning in the school environment far outweighs that of private home schooling, though security wise it is disadvantaged, but so is the society at large. Thus, the child must learn to adjust quickly.

This IELTS writing sample task is to take 40 minutes of the student time and the number of words should be at least 250. You should write the essay as quickly as possible allowing your ideas to flow, knowing fully well that there is no straight answer to the question. Go over what you have read and correct any mistake you found thereby.

The task 2 IELTS writing under academics attract twice the writing score when compared to the general training category. The duration for the task is 40 minutes, also an essay of length 250 words, though much more academic oriented than the general training type because it is meant for academic purposes.

 IELTS Task 2 Writing Samples Question and Model Answer for Academic Category

The  question below is an argumentative IELTS task 2 writing samples, the students are to write about the change in how the society in Singapore now rate the worth of people; based on  material wealth, and social status, against the old fashioned values like kindness, trust, and honor. The students are to present their argument for or against this widely popular modern opinion. The students can include personal examples, or experience.

Model Answer:

The society has accepted wealth and material possession as the yardstick for personal worth which is very unfortunate because nobody want to know how an individual consider being a money bag acquired his or her wealth.

The celebrities of today have risen to the status of ‘gods’ solely because of the position they occupy and the popularity they have been able to gather while many take keen interest and get obsessed about them.

The private lives of these so called celebrities reveals that they are actually far from the ‘saints’ status the society has bestowed on them. The common cases of drunken driving, wife and children abuse, marriage breakups, and others are a testimony to this fact.

The whole of media industry revolves around the lives of celebrities today, even though there nothing to celebrate as such in their lives. This is fuelled by people who feast on celebrity gossips, justifying their unlawful behaviors and helping them to raise their popularity the more.

But of a truth, everybody still cherish the old school values of honor kindness and truth, we all look out for them, though we may not voice this out. As we all crave for a better society and better behavior in people, particularly those in position of authority.

It is these old fashion values that determine friendship, business, and family values today.

Though the opinion of our Singaporean society about value is very glaring. An average ordinary man still crave for true value which is based upon the old fashion way.

IELTS task 2 writing samples like the above should be easy for students to write, some more examples and practices will help further too.