IELTS Task 1 Writing Samples

The IELTS task 1 writing samples comprises of the general training task and academic task. The total time allotted for the writing test in all is 1 hour.

In the general training task you are to spend only 20 minutes to answer all the questions presented, your IELTS task 1 writing samples should be about 150 words, in formal, semi formal or personal form. Try as much as possible to follow all the instructions given in the paper because failure to do this will make you to lose scores.

Make sure you write name and your number in the space allotted for them, do this before you start to answer the questions because you will soon forget it. The IELTS writing sample task here is to give response in letter form explaining what is presented in the question.

IELTS Task 1 Writing Samples Guide for General Training Test

The IELTS sample below from Singapore is a question about a guy who wrote to his friend when he was about to proceed for an holiday, the friend had earlier agreed to take  care of his home and pet should he embark on the journey.

The student is to write the letter to include the following

Information about how the friend can contact him

How the friend should help take care of the pet

Any other necessary duty to be done.

All of the above explanations should be done in just about 150 words, and not less.

Now let us take a look at the model sample essays answer to know how the student is expected to answer the question.


Model Answer

Dear Josh,

First let me thank you for agreeing to help me in taking care of Korey while I will be away for the holiday. You may need to contact me while I am away in Singapore, please call my number, I will always have my mobile phone with me for this purpose, since you have my number with you already I believe this should not be a problem.

You will help me to feed my cat two times daily, just biscuits will be okay for the two meals, but you can add milk in the evening, you can get all of these in the kitchen. Please fill her water bowl every morning, the water will be enough for the day.

Do help me to water the plants as well, occasionally for indoor ones, and daily for the outside ones, you will find the watering can in the store. Help me to check my mail box every day for any new mail, do not forget to switch on the security light outside when it is dark in the evening.

Thank you once again for your kind gesture, we shall see again when I come back.

This sample essay already contain everything the examiner is looking for, and written within the regulated time. Practice writing your own, following the pattern laid here but using your ideas.

IELTS Task 1 Writing Samples Guide for Academic Test

IELTS Task 1 Writing Samples

The above diagram illustrate a central heating system in a house, the students are to explain how it works.

Model Answer:

In the diagram one can easily see the passage of constant flow of hot water through the major parts like tank, boiler, and pipes.

The whole process started form the cold water that is stored and flows from the overhead tank on the roof. The water flows to the boiler where it is heated and pumped into the different parts of the house using pipes.

The pipe in each room section in Singapore has radiators which help to further distribute the heat and keep the room warm. Some of the hot water is also channeled to the taps in various locations of the house for hot water.

From here the water goes back to the boiler and process continues.

IELTS task 1 writing samples guide from model answers will help students to quickly understand what the examiners want, and also help them to understand how to answer different category of IELTS task 1 writing samples.