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IELTS Writing Sample

An IELTS writing sample is a type of question and answer model that you will receive in your examination in Singapore. These samples are good for preparations towards the examination as you will be able to see many of the tasks that students have done in the past, the mistakes in them, and the corrections made on them based on the model answers that are the standards for the examination.

As a student preparing for the IELTS examination, it is good that you familiarize yourself with these IELTS writing sample guides because what you will see in your own exam will look exactly like them.

You can find several IELTS writing sample online that you can assess easily, they are from several years in the past up to the present date, and they have offered great help unto students. In Singapore, You are not to copy or cram them but to use them as your springboard for study for your own examination.

You can find a sample based upon the type of IELTS writing sample task that you are preparing for in your examination, and it is good that you do so that your preparation can be focused and deep enough to cater for your needs.

IELTS Writing Sample

IELTS Writing Sample Categories and Guide

The IELTS test itself is broadly divided into two which are academic, and the general training type. The academic task is meant for those who need admission into British schools or Schools that patterned their curriculum after that of British schools. Whether for undergraduate, post graduate or professional studies all the candidates seeking admission must take this particular test before the admission can be processed.

On the other hand the general training type is meant for those looking for job, professionals and career people, and the content are not strictly academic.

The four tasks involved in the test are speaking, listening, writing, and reading. The writing task (when taken in Singapore especially) is further divided into academic IELTS writing sample task, and general training writing task. Each of these two is further divided into two subgroup called task 1 and task 2. You can easily locate an IELTS writing sample based on these two types online.

The IELTS writing sample task 1 is based on statistical data; hence it may be a diagram, chart, graph or table showing a particular trend or value of a process. Students are then required to explain in their own words what they understand by happenings in the illustration given.

The knowledge of mathematics will be very useful here, although the questions are not strictly mathematical, but the students should be able to analyze things and follow a sequence presented in the question.

The task two under this IELTS writing sample is a form of essay where students are required to a particular discussion or argument in the question. The essay must be presented in a formal way, and must be a direct response of the student addressing all issues raised in the question.

The topics in the general training type are of a more general interest because the candidates writing it are workers and not students. The task 1 of this category require candidates to write a response inform of a letter explaining a particular event or topic mentioned in the question.

The IELTS writing sample task 2 under the general category is similar to that of the academic category bust not as strictly academic as the former. The candidate will write an essay to respond to a particular viewed tabled in the question.

In your search for these tasks you have to ensure you have balanced questions that addressed all the categories mentioned above, especially when you go through them, you will discover the areas where you are weak and not able to answer questions correctly or meet up with the time apportioned.

You need to concentrate more on tasks like this, and ensure you master them well, the examiner will expect you to answer the questions touching all the areas presented in the papers.

Get an IELTS writing sample from an authority site together with the necessary guide for a complete help, some of these IELTS writings are students past questions and their answers with necessary corrections on them, while some are real standard questions for you to assess. You would need to go through the two for a real balanced view of the writings and tasks.

Together with whatever you already know, you must get a good IELTS writing sample tips that can help you know those things you are to do before and during the examinations. Some of these tips have been compiled from the experiences of students and occurrences of events before and during the test.

You will need to go through them and pay attention to those parts that you know really affects you, take the necessary steps to prevent whatever can score against you, so that you will not have any issue during the examination.

One of the area where students have always faulted is that of lack of adequate practice tests, many of them are overconfident, and they underestimate the examination they want to write, hence despite the volumes of help available unto them on the internet, they hardly makes use of it. Please do a lot of practice on all the IELTS writing tasks, you will see the effect when you finally sit for the exam.

In your preparations you must take note of the IELTS writing sample format. The examiners in Singapore and Asia are strict about this because many students do not follow the format; they tend to answer questions beyond the scope given them. Some will even put their own questions and answer them just to make the examiner believe they are writing something.

All the tasks mentioned above have their specific format of questions and answer, please read the instructions very well, and do not make a mistake of assuming that the questions you practiced with will come out exactly as you saw it in the practiced questions.

Even when you know above what is asked in the questions restrict yourself only to what you are required to answer, any extra writing will lead to deductions in your scores.

Try as much as possible to write your task to meet the standard of the IELTS model answers that you see online in your search and preparations. If you practice writing IELTS essays long enough you will surely achieve this. Do make that your ultimate standard and work towards it.

Get a teacher if possible to help you fine tune your writing skills, you should target passing the test the first time, so do not leave any stone unturned to get the job done. Whatever you commit unto it is worth it, and you will be happy you did after you see your scores at the end of the test.

All IELTS writings are grade in an open, transparent, and highly ethical way to meet up with the highest international standard, hence you should not expect anything less than this when your papers will be graded, just prepare your mind that you will be graded based upon the highest standard of examinations in the world and work towards getting that passing score to achieve your aim for writing the test.

Use the right IELTS writing sample in Singapore to get your goals achieved, to pass the exam is easier now considering the amount help available for students to use.

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